Hackers Daily
See what people are building at Hacker News.
Get a complete list of Show HN posts emailed to you daily.
Get Show HN posts emailed to you daily!
What is this?
Hackers Daily helps you stay on top of what people are building at Hacker News by emailing you a complete list of yesterday's Show HN posts daily (Monday-Friday). Monday's email will contain all of the Show HN posts from the weekend (Friday-Sunday).

The posts are ordered by points. So, you'll be able to easily see what was most popular yesterday. And you won't miss out on any of the not so popular posts—since you'll receive a complete list. All links within the email link directly to what's being shown or back to Hacker News (just like on Hacker News).

How is this better than Hacker News?
This isn't a replacement for using Hacker News. But, it's a great alternative for those people who don't have time to read the Show HN posts in real-time. It'll also help people get the word out about their new creations since none of them will slip through the cracks—as posts often do on the Hacker News front page.

When will I receive emails?
You'll receive a daily email Monday-Friday at about 10 AM EST.

Who made this?
Hackers Daily was created by Mike Singer — creator of Snappy Checkout, Weather Watcher, and other products at Singer's Creations.